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Sunday, 05 October 2008

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Kames Sprints 26/27 May '07

Saturday's action

Well it was a surprise that we made it here at all.  But the new (!) engine was in place and running well.  At least for the first couple of practice runs.  At the end of the third run, David came into the pits with fluid pouring out of the engine...

Turned out a core plug in the cylinder head had punctured, so we had to improvise a repair from a self tapper, a large washer, a bicycle puncture repair kit and a blob of epoxy putty!  It worked well, and although we had to sit out one and a half rounds of practice, we both managed to complete our timed runs.

David spent the day proving that understeer at the hairpin is a great way to ruin otherwise perfectly respectable times, whilst Stephen showed again that he has got the hang of this, at least when going anti-clockwise round the track at Kames.

Sadly the drama with the core plug meant we had little time to take photos, or even remember what happened the rest of the day, but we did manage to get a couple of videos of the anti-clockwise runs.  Here's a nice example of exactly how much time understeer at the hairpin costs.

Sunday's action

Sunday's weather was not as nice as Saturday.  When we arrived, the track was wet, and it continued to drizzle on and off throughout the morning.  David surprised himself - and everyone else - by recording the fastest times in the class for both rounds.  Some thought it was the result of running last on a drying track, but talent always attracts that sort of jealousy.

Into the afternoon, and the track was drying out properly.  As expected, the big power cars came to the fore, Stephen doing a sterling job of recording a good time to hang on to the leading group.  David's attempts to repeat the morning's heroics ended in an undignified trip across the grass.  Fortunately nothing damaged.

For the second round, the weather held dry for the majority of the class, but David paid for the first round off when he had to sit in the warm up area as the rain started to fall.  By the time he made it onto the track, it was soaking and there was no chance of getting a good time - last in the class being the inevitable result.  Hero to zero in one rain shower.


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