Alford Sprint July 2007

Sunday, 05 October 2008

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Alford Sprint 16th July '07

Alford finally produced the weather we'd been hoping for since the beginning of the year.  Sunny and warm.  The track is the smallest we run on, but the spectator crowd was probably the biggest we will have.

The day went smoothly, no dramas with the car.  We were happy that our times were quicker than last year (Stephen cracked 55s this time), but we were still a second or two short of the class leaders.  Hmmm.  Maybe power is important.

Anyway, we got some video of the action as you'll see below.  The video of our car were taken by the new 'Paddock bitch Bunny'.  Some training in pointing the camera is required here!!!






Vauxhall VX220

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