Knockhill Sprint 19/05/'07

Sunday, 05 October 2008

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Knockhill Sprint 19th May '07

Truly a day to forget.  A shame really, since this is the season's big day.  The only visit to Scotland's largest circuit.  The weather was dreadful, the organisation even worse and we destroyed our engine.  Best bet is the low profile sump couldn't cope with the g involved, and the engine was starved of oil.  The end result was 3 melted big end bearings, and 3 pistons which were then able to hit the cylinder head.  The head will breath again, maybe, but the rest is scrap.

The only good news was that on the only run up the hill in dry conditions, the car reached 6th gear - around 125-130mph.  A shame then that the engine had perhaps 10seconds to live at that point.

I took a few photos during the day which are below.

View from the holding area of Class B prima donnas holding everyone up

Stephen chats to Moya while waiting to go for another run

Lotus Exige looks good

Who let the oposition run on slicks?

Old timers in the holding area

Another view of the old uns

Moya enjoys posing with the car before the engine died

Old Lotus Formula Junior

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