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Sunday, 05 October 2008

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Alford Sprint 19/07/2008

So far this year, we'd been very lucky with the weather.  At least 4 days, forecast rain didn't turn up.  This weekend, the weather got its own back.  It wasn't absolutely soaking, but the Alford track is low grip at the best of times, and it doesn't take much rain to make it very slippery indeed.  A succession of showers throughout the weekend meant you never knew until you got on the track what the grip was going to be like.

The week leading up to the event was another busy one for Stephen - fitting our new TranX diff, but he got everything in and ready.  Half way round his first run though, and the engine seemed to go very sick.  He quickly realised that the traction control system seemed to be at work and turned it off.  Lots of power, but a lack of grip meant it was impossible to exploit it.  David's first run got similarly messed up, but at least this confirmed it was the traction control rather than a repeat of the crank sensor problems from Boyndie.

Back in the pits and the problem was quickly uncovered once the data logs were examined.  The output shafts with the TranX diff are floating.  Combine these with plunging UJs in the drive shafts, and the diff's output flanges can move around a fair bit when the car is being driven.  That's exactly what they'd done, and eaten the rear wheel speed sensors!  A great shame this, since the variable grip conditions would have been a great test for the traction control system and with most of the rest of the competitiors sitting in the grandstand, a fantastic advert for the XoomBox was missed!  Not that that seemed to make much difference, since, by the end of the weekend, all the available XoomBoxes had been sold.

From a performance point of view, the weekend was rather disappointing.  This was the first circuit at which we'd failed to remove lumps from our PBs.  The power proved a major handful and both drivers seemed a bit intimidated as a result.

Some pictures, as usual.




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