Boyndie Sprint 09/08

Sunday, 05 October 2008

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Boyndie Sprint 21-21/09/2008

Unbelievable weather met us for the return to Boyndie and the last events of the season.  Some firmware tweaks to the XoomBox meant the GPS logging was more reliable than last time, producing excellent results again.

If there's one thing we learned over the weekend, and indeed the season, then it's that warm tyres are worth a lot.  The 2nd driver clearly has an advantage over the start and the first couple of corners.  A close look at the data logs from this weekend suggest that the effect gets more pronounced when the tyres are at the end of their lives.  Driving first, David typically lost around 1.5s from the start line through the first 3 corners, whilst the second laps were generally within tenths.  Faced with that situation, the thing not to do is try to force the car into going faster than it want.  Try too hard and this is the likely result - try not to laugh!

For a better look at the overlay, download the hires version directly.

Some photos of the proceedings from both days



Here are some more of the go-kart racing on Saturday night.  Click on any image for the full size version.


And some more of the memorable celebrations after the carting.


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