East Fortune Sprint 05/08

Sunday, 05 October 2008

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East Fortune Sprint 05/08
Kames Sprint 05/08
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East Fortune Sprint 03-04/04/2008

Hard to know what to say about this event. Fantastic venue and weather that defied the odds to give two days of almost uninterrupted dry running, sadly spoiled by a couple of unnecessary problems.  The first one was ours.  From the first run, it was obvious that the clutch was slipping at high speeds.  The question was how to make it last through the 2 days.

The second problem was a Clerk of the Course who appeared not to have read the regs for the event he was running.  Regs issued by the club of which he is a director.  We've been in this game for two full seasons now, and have never as much as seen anyone open a 'Blue Book'.  This alleged gentleman however insisted on issuing non-compliance certificates to most of the 'A' division, citing non-compliance with a group of rules that didn't actually apply to them.  Apparently this was done to ensure a level playing field for the British Speed Championship competitors, none of whom showed up!

Highlight of the weekend was trying out the launch control function of the XoomBox.  We'd done some basic testing of this the previous Wednesday, but it had still to be tried on a racetrack.  With only 3 competitors in our class, and 1st and 2nd in the class safe after Saturday's 1st timed runs, it seemed obvious that we had to give it a go.  We estimated start line revs and slip ratios from the datalogs collected already and David gave it a go.  With no time to analyse the results, all he could report was that it seemed to work and Stephen decided to give it a try too.

The graph below shows the four timed run starts.  The fast ones are the ones with launch control.  The horizontal axis shows time, with 0 being 1 second before the clutch was engaged (determined by examining the accelerometer channel).  The glitch at 7 seconds in one of the traces is a firmware bug which affects the saved data, but not the launch control function.  This will not happen again!  In each case, the launch control sequence ends when 2nd gear is selected at around 4s on the graph (3s after launch).

Here are some photographs from the 2 days.


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