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Sunday, 05 October 2008

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Golspie Sprint 13-14/09/2008

A great weekend's racing was unfortunately spoiled by a pair of mechanical failures leading to major oil spills on the Saturday.  The time it took to clear up the mess resulted on only one practice and one timed run being possible.  Even at that, 3 competitors had to wait until Sunday morning to get their timed run.  Not a bad deal for them since Saturday afternoon saw a slightly damp track slowing all the other competitors.

Sunday was much better.  Pleasant weather and fast times made the weekend worthwhile.

The weekend was also notable for the first tests of a GPS connected to the XoomBox.  We had a couple of teething problems, but managed to get some good logs.  We were surprised that even with a 0.5Hz update, the handheld GPS we used provided and excellent record of the path the car took round the circuit.  The picture below is a combination of runs from Saturday and Sunday, plotted in XoomCentre with the background taken from GoogleEarth.  It took a bit of zooming and panning to get it just right, but the end result is rather impressive.

We had the video camera on the car for the first time in a while, so we got the following clips.  Sadly we didn't notice that the lens got some muck on it sometime around midday on Saturday, so only the first couple of runs are worth watching.  What they do show though is that after fitting the new differential, we needed to recalibrate the traction control!  It's not that we can't drive the car without the traction control, it's more that once you've got used to exploiting it, you expect it to work.

David was first to discover the problem.

and Stephen agreed entirely.  This clip has had some more work done on it to overlay the data from the XoomBox during the run.  Download a higher definition version here to see exactly what's on the video overlay.



After altering the traction control settings, things were a bit calmer.  Sorry about the quality of this one.  Must clean the lens more often.


We didn't take any photos ourselves this time, but a number were contributed by another family member.




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