Kames Sprint 04/08

Sunday, 05 October 2008

Kames Sprint 04/08
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Kames Sprint 05/08
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Kames Sprint 13/04/2008

The first event of the new season and out first try with the new engine.  Power/weight ratio jumped from 350bhp/tonne to 530bhp/tonne and the XoomBox now has front wheel speed sensors.

Saturday 12th was an East Ayrshire club event which should have been good practice for the championship round on the Sunday.  As it was the weather didn't play.  In the morning we were welcomed by snow and hail followed by lots of rain.  In the afternoon we got one, almost dry run before the hail and rain returned.  Even in the poor conditions, our times were down to previous bests.

Sunday 13th was altogether nicer.  Dry and sunny if not exactly warm resulting in times that got faster and faster as we learned to cope with the new power.  At the end of the day 85.6 for Stephen and 86.3 for David represented an improvement in PBs of 2s and 2.3s respectively.  David was left a bit peeved by the failure of hte timing gear for his 3rd run in the morning.  Data collected by the XoomBox suggested this run could have been as much as 0.5 seconds faster...

Here's the evidence.  The 2 traces on the graph below show the average of the front wheel speeds during the last lap or so.  The final peak occurs just a few metres before the finish line.  The blue trace is the 86.3 run.  The orange trace is the run when the circuit's timing gear didn't work.  The peak occurs about 0.5s earlier.


Here're a few photos from the Sunday.


John Stevenson's Subaru before it took to the air and left bits of the front end all over the place. Just as well he's got a new shell ready!


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