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Sunday, 05 October 2008

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Kames Sprint 02-03/08/2008

The weather forecast for this event was absolutely dire, and it looked like we would be washed out both days.  Not for the first time this year, come the day, the weather gods decided to smile on us and damp morning practice gave way to cool and dry afternoons.  The car absolutely loved it, adn a new set of rear tyres combined with the new diff to deliver another set of personal bests for both drivers on both days.  Better still, Stephen broke both class records.  Good points and a great weekend - what more could we ask.

A few photos as usual.


Also found some photos taken by other competitors.  I think these were from Stephen Hynd, if you know otherwise, please let me know so I can thank the correct person.

This fits sequence is from Saturday.  We had a repeat of a problem we had at Boyndie, where some water was blown out of the expansion tank and fell onto a connector to the crank sensor causing a missfire.  This time, Stephen was driving when it happened, so he tried turning off the traction control in case wheel sensors were playing up (we'd replace the rear ones after destroying them at Alford).  It didn't solve thy missfire, but a few corners later, Stephen forgot the traction control was off, and this was the result...


Not that David has anything to feel smug about.  His last run on Sunday was looking even faster than his previous run.  A very aggressive line through the kink in the straight resulted in the car bouncing over the kerb and his hand slipping of the gear lever.  Arriving at paddock corner going too fast, in neutral and with only one hand on the steering wheel is not ideal.  He was lucky to survive this moment...


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