Golspie 11-12/09

Sunday, 26 December 2010



Caithness Car Club Sprint 122-12/09/2010

The 2nd visit of the year to Golspie was a bit of a mixed bag for our drivers.  Saturday had the wettest conditions we've experienced for several years, and it got worse when one of the single seaters dropped all its oil on the track midway through the 1st timed runs.  Some lateral thinking from the organisers saved the day by giving up on Saturday, spending more time cleaning the track properly and sacrificing one Sunday practice run so we could finish the Saturday event on Sunday morning.

Since the weather on Sunday was fine and dry, this allowed Stephen to take class honours in what amounted to a one run, winner takes all competition.  97.74 is an excellent time for the first run of the day, especially on a track that still had some damp patches.

Some video from our new video setup - shame we forgot to clean the lens on Sunday morning after the soaking it got on Saturday.

By late Sunday morning, the track had dried properly and the Sunday event began.  Sadly the opoosition had woken up too by this time, and we both struggled to get near the leading times.  In the end, we were both close to our personal bests (new PB for David), but 4th and 5th in class was really rather disappointing.

Here are some of our Sunday runs

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