John Frew

Sunday, 26 December 2010



John Frew Memorial Sprint Kames 13/11/2010

We've never run the car as late in the year as this before, so there were a number of new things to learn.  The temperature barely reached 6C and the track which had been wet when we arrived didn't completely dry out the entire day.  Our old tyres - now more than 15 months old - weren't even getting warm, and at the end of the day looked like they'd been cleaned up nicely, rather than chewed half to death as we normally see at Kames.

Nonetheless, the last run saw a new personal best for David.  Difficult to explain this, since grip levels couldn't have been as good as on a nice warm summer's day on new tyres, but it's possible the cool temperatures were helping the engine by enough to overcome any losses.  A quick back of an envelope calculation suggests that the cold air could be worth as much as 5 or 6% extra power or 15 bhp.  That certainly might explain the 100.9 mph top speed recorded on the straight.

John Frew Sprint from xoomspeed on Vimeo.

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