Wigton 03/10

Sunday, 26 December 2010



Wigton Motor Club - Kames Classic Sprint 03/10/2010

For 2010's last hurrah, we decided to do the Wigton event at Kames, with the idea of finally finishing off our old tyres.  Sadly, the weather didn't play ball, with the track being greasy and/or damp pretty much the whole day - a great shame, since the smallish entry would have meant lots of runs.  The tyres live on....

The car was on good form, with its new video system and even newer high res GPS receiver having its first outing. A fair amount of midnight oil was burned to finish off the hardware and firmware so we could test this before the winter, so it was very gratifying to get such good results - see the picture below

 For much of the day, David seemed to be getting the best results, until Stephen produced our fastest run right at the end to steal the class win by 0.16s.  Finishing 2nd and 3rd in the overall standings was a pretty good result, only Drew Dawson in his DJ Firehawk managing to go faster - and even he only did it once.  The class win was never in doubt though.  At lunch time we enjoyed almost 13 seconds of a gap over the 3rd place car.  This was whittled down to a still very healthy 8s by the end of the day as other drivers started to find out how to handle the track in very awkward conditions.  As well as obvious driver skills (!) It was  a great display of the Xoombox's traction control system as we were always able to deploy much more of our car's available power than anyone else.

The following image is a screen capture from Google Maps.  The image was produced using the Google Maps API to place the car's track onto the map. The lat/long data from the datalog was used unmodified.  Says as much about the accuracy of Google Maps as it does about our GPS that this works so well without having to massage anything.  I'm sure I'll be able to do something useful with this over the winter!


Sadly neither of our fastest runs made it onto video, (well Stephen's did, but it was rather spoiled by the amount of water on the camera lens) but we did get some decent footage.  The 3rd and fourth runs in this clip are only about 1 second slower than our fastest, so it's not such a loss.  There're a few interesting things to watch for...

  1. Watch for the green light coming on for the first run before the car that's just finished has left the track!
  2. The huge puddle in the exit road at the end of the first run.
  3. On the last run in the clip, Stephen reckoned the track might just be ready for the traction control's dry track settings.  It took one corner to convince him otherwise.  Watch him find the 'wet/dry' switch with the car just about straight.
  4. If you listen to the soundtrack and watch the rev counter on screen, you can spot the car losing traction all the way up the straight and the traction control doing its stuff so the drivers don't have to lift off.


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