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Sunday, 05 October 2008



3rd Feb and plan B

The chance of picking up a 270bhp motor at a good price was too good an opportunity to miss, so the 2.1 bits above are now for sale.  Spec is impressive.  Here are the highlights.

Doug Kiddie narrow journal touring car spec steel crank,
Matching Arrow steel rods
Heavy duty ARP big end and main cap bolts
ARP head studs
Omega intruder HC pistons with deep valve pockets,
Flowed head with +1mm Ivey narrow stem valves,
Dual concentric valve springs and titanium caps
SBD race cams (modified inlet),
Dry sump, remote oil filter
Jenvey taper bodies.
SBD inlet manifold
ITG foam air filter
SBD 4:2:1 exhaust manifold
Repackable Techcraft alloy exhaust can
SBD lightweight alternator
Alloy catch tank
Aeroquipped fuel lines throughout
Good for around 265bhp@8250rpm and 195lb.ft@5000rpm


Couldn't resist spending a day figuring out how to put it all together,  Here's the results.


Engine up on the stand to work on


It took a lot of hours to get it there, but today the engine was dyno tested at JDM Dyno in Carlisle.  Results were as good as we hoped, easily exceeding 260bhp and 190lb.ft.  So no excuses about lack of power this year!  Thanks Jonathan.

Here's some video of the car doing a power run.

Or you can download a higher res version here.

And here are a couple of the graphs produced by the dyno.  Click on the thumbnails to see the graph in higher resolution

An early run with a bit of a hole in the middle of the torque curve

Same run as above, but plotted against rpm instead of time

A later run shows improvement in the shape of the torque curve. Peak power barely changed


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