Winter work 2007-8

Sunday, 05 October 2008

Another New Engine


Winter Work 2007-8

An extensive program of modifications are planned for the new season.  Top of the list - in expense terms at least - is a new engine.  It'll be the last part to come together, but there's so much of it, we've got a separate page for progress.

Also on the cards is, of course, the Xoombox, so there'll be wheel speed sensors to fit at some point.

An ongoing battle is to find ways of losing yet more weight - target is to get under 500kg.  Options are being examined for the braking system and various other parts of the car.

2nd December '07

Half decent. weather meant we had the first opportunity make a start on the car.  After a good afternoon's work, we had the body shell off the car, and the old engine removed.  The good bits of the old motor (clutch, flywheel) have been removed and stored, and the Jenvey throttle bodies and injectors have already been sold!

Bodyshell removed gives access to the back end. Some cleaning and restoration to go on here.

Stephen starts the mods helped by his trusty jigsaw

Modified! Plan is to cover in the underneath of the car to give a complete flat bottom. We'll need some vents in the side of the engine bay.

6th January

Work is proceeding, although it might not look like it!  Honest, there is a car there somewhere!


New roll hoop saves weight and lowers centre of gravity

2nd Feb

One of the major targets for weight saving is the front brakes.  Not until you remove them and pick the things up do you realise just how heavy the cast iron calipers are.  Add some lighter disks, and the saving is something like 3.5kg from each wheel.  Any weight saved is of course very welcome, but unsprung weight is worth double.  We're very pleased, so here are some pics!


Alloy caliper combines with alloy hub and lighter disk



Couldn't resist including this photograph.  In the foreground, the new engine is hanging on the hoist waiting to go into the chassis.  Behind it, Stephen is completing some last minute modifications to the chassis so the engine will actually fit!!!!  By the end of 10/2/08 we had a rolling chassis again and the engine is mounted.  Still need to hook up oil system, fuel system, brake hydraulics and a few other things, but it is rolling.


5th March

Flushed with the success of getting the engine to run for the first time, half the team decided to go on a skiing holiday in Switzerland.

Today work resumed, and the hydraulics are now working.  So we have a rolling chassis with brakes and an engine which runs driving through a clutch that releases.  What could be better than that?


The engine in situ



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